The Delay in Impeachment

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Here is the thing.


1. This delay is about getting more mileage in this story and the added media attention it will bring because the senate will acquit Trump quickly.


2. Pelosi knows that this will get a response from Trump and he will be more than glad to respond in a way she thinks is to her benefit.

3. It is helping Trump because he loves continued chaos. He thrives on it. Trump makes sure the media narrative is all about him all the time. It may hurt him or help him but he is betting that it will help him win in Nov of 2020.

4. Trump just raised $10 million in two days after impeachment vote. and this is after dominating fundraising numbers.

5. This was enough to move our attention away from the U.S. government across three White House administrations misleading the public about failures in the Afghanistan war, often suggesting success where it didn’t exist, according to thousands of pages of documents obtained by The Washington Post.

6. We are ignoring the massive 1.4 trillion spending bill was passed that nobody had the time to read to know the crap that was in it. But this is the one area where the Democrat-controlled House, Republican Controlled Senate and the President agree.

Continue Trillion-dollar deficits and massively increasing our national debt for the next decade.

7. I used entirely too many links in this post.

8. I look forward to taping another episode of Unattended Baggage with Adrian Wyllie tomorrow. This week John Baeza will join us.

An official for President Trump’s 2020 campaign said Friday that it has raised $10 million over the course of two days following the historic impeachment vote in the House this week.


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