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“We the People” Can Tell Our Government What To Do! We Can Run Our Cities, Counties and States. We Can Rate the Truth of All Journalism’s Claims and the Effectiveness of Government Legislation. We Can Propose Solutions, Gather Support, and Execute The “Will of The People” Through Our Local Government.

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We Can Report & Vote Up or Down On The Bureaucratic State’s Actions Or Agents and Elected Officials. We Can Manage Our Local Governments – Propose Solutions  In Our Society & Gov. “We The People” Can Gather Expert Testimony From Among Us, Propose Solutions, Gather Support Through Viral Cause Petitions…

Then You Can Implement Your Proposals Through Your Local Government Employees. We Can Be The Bosses Again. We Can Re-capture Real Democracy In The Digital Age. We Are No Longer Passive In Between Elections.

Lead Your Viral Community to Take Charge Of Your Town, County, & State

Viral Action Members, like you, had a Current Debate Viral Cause Petition to an elected representative. 

Map shows numerous Viral Action Groups contributing to centralized Current Debate Big Ideas Research Pages.

Current Debate App shows several Viewpoints on an Ongoing Story.

I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

We Can Report & Vote Up or Down On The Bureaucratic State’s Actions Or Agents and Elected Officials. We Can Manage Our Local Governments – Propose What We Want To Happen In Our Society & Gov. “We The People” Can Be The Bosses Again. We Can Recapture Real Democracy In The Digital Age. We Are No Longer Passive In Between Elections.

Current Debate App shows several Big Threats.

I Just Wanted To Have Community & an Open and Honest Discussion For Truth….

But, They Wouldn’t Give It To Me.

Big Tech Betrayed Me. Academia Deceived Me. Democratic Government Failed Me. We Have To Have a Better System.

Political Groups and My Favorite Conservatives Organizations All Had Decades Old and Inferior Systems and Strategies.

But Tech, Liberal and Hippie Organizations Had The Best and Most Satisfying Platforms and Digital Community Experiences.

I’ve Learned Super Important Lessons and Principles Over The Last 10 Years From the Best Leaders in Politics, Hollywood Viral Marketing, And From Top Leaders in Amway, Funnels, Community Building, Psychology, History, and Philosophy, Idea Conversion Funnels. I Am Did All The Hard Work In Consolidating And Applying Them All To Politics and Viral Community Building.

App shows 3 of many Big Debates.

I Took Everything I Learned From 10 Years Working With The Best Leaders of Politics, Academics, Tech, Silicon Beach, Network Building, Funnels, & Viral Marketing in Hollywood.

Then I Synthesized The Best Strategies & Re-Designed Them Specifically For The New Paradigm of Politics & Viral Community Building.

Come Learn From My 10 Year Journey, Of Sweat, Endless Sacrifice, Of Working On These Problems. 

Then You Can Implement The New Paradigm Into Your Own Systems, Your Followings, & Your State/ Local Communities. You Will Reap Viral Compounding Results.

This Is The De-facto Summary Of The Best And Only Strategies That Will Win The War Over People’s Minds and Defeat, Big Tech, Big School Boards, Big Academia, Big Journalism, and Big Government’s Seductive and Hypnotic Trance Over Americans.

“We The People” Can Replace All Of That Through This New Platform (That Unifies All Other Platforms) And Underground Strategy.

App shows 3 of many Big Debates.

I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

Sample – Chapter

Chapter 6: Door Knocking – Pathetic Old Literature Drop – Versus come join the town party and be a real citizen – “We The People” Check & Balance Government, Elected Officials & Bureaucracy

I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

How amazing would it be, and how much more powerful would it be, and how much more involved would people be, if we gave people real digital tools to be real citizens? What if we took Citizen responsibility and engagement to the next level —  the level at which it truly should be, and probably once was at in small town America of the 1800s.

What if, Instead of merely walking door to door, they did this, and what if besides just going to the polls only once a year – and that was their max direction that they gave to keeping this Democratic-Republic from veering off into the despot ditch.

Knock, knock. “Hi we’re Brandon and Vetta part of the Republican Party.” “Oh Hi, so nice for such a lovely couple to volunteer like this!” They replied. “Oh thanks!” Vetta said. “We have something special for you. We normally, in the old days when we were limited, just dropped a couple of flyers and brochures and then said “have a nice day.” Brandon laughed. The neighbor smiled too. “But, like we’re your neighbors, and people like us are going out in their neighborhoods and equipping all of their neighbors too.“

We can all report any problem that we see in the neighborhood, town or county, even state.” Brandon said. Then the neighbor said, “Wait what?? We can do that now? It’s like maybe in the movies, or in Communist China, but reverse!” “Yeah!” Vetta said, “We can report on the government and build coalitions to hold elected officials accountable!” “Get out, that is incredibly amazing. I can’t believe this kind of thing is allowed to exist anymore,” the neighbor said.

App shows 3 Viral Causes that activate your town, county and state.

“Here is the new App that will save the Free World!” Vetta shows her the app on her phone. Then neighbor took up her own phone and quickly downloads the app on her phone.

“We can even talk amongst ourselves in the neighborhood and report things. But more importantly, we can report things to our local government and then take polls on what we want to direct them to do,” Vetta said.

Then Brandon continued, “Yes mam, you got it! We are now a free people again, who are truly in charge of our government.” People can just report on government or say something should be fixed or changed, just as easily as we can order a pizza or review a restaurant?”

“Yep, you got it! Doesn’t It feel so natural and the we our society should have always been, if we were to truly be a free people managing our government?” Brandon said. That neighbor continued, “Now that I see it, I can’t believe we lived in that old world and called ourselves free!” Brandon continued, “Well it was more like this in 19th Century small town America. But we grew and relegated everything to the TV, Mass Broadcasting, then the Big Tech of the Internet. … Now we can finally harness the digital world to serve us!” “This will truly change our town and the world,” she said.

Map shows numerous Viral Action Groups contributing to centralized Current Debate Big Ideas Research Pages.

“We Vote on each matter, support and pressure your representatives to go the way they were elected for, or be a check on them if they are not,” Brandon said.

I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

Sample Chapter

Chapter 5: Curing Party Factions, Educating/ Persuading the People, & Influencing Leadership

It was a Saturday morning in the Westside of Seattle, and this libertarian group met in one of their houses. Rain came down outside on this normally hot Seattle August day.

The King County Republican county wide caucus was coming in 2 weeks.

The wife of one of the group’s leaders turned to her husband, “How are you going to fix this Jake, they are never going to listen to you or us!” Another member pipped-up, “Yeah, there is no talking with anyone one in the power structure. They say they will, but they just want to shut us up.”

The leader replied, “We will have a fair dialogue, but we can’t support a third party candidate. That’s the worst of the worst.” “His wife retorted, “But Jake that Kirby Wilbur just has it out for us.” “Yeah he believes in complete top down fascist rule of our party. He believes in only supporting his corporate friends the big 5 of Seattle economics.

He says he’s a Republican but really he’s a Statist,” someone said. “You have no idea what he really believes; that’s just what people say. I like him and think he can be persuaded for our liberty cause,” the leader slammed. 

App shows the cities and counties of Idaho.

These type of scenarios happen all across political parties. The big problem is that there’s no way to arbitrate between different factions in a political party or grassroots movement. Too often they just split off, or continue on building hostility.

App shows Research Pages for Elected Officials and Action Members.


That story happened in King County Seattle, a real story in 2011. When I told them that there was a way to have real grassroots bottom up serving of peoples real beliefs and To vote on individual big ideas, actions to be taken in ongoing stories and actions to be taken to prevent big threats. 

I asked them, “Would it be amazing if there was a way for your party to build a fair consensus amongst various factions.” They said that would be truly truly unbelievably amazing and a savior for the Right. 

App shows Viral Community Social Groups for each, city, town, or county in your state.

I shared a similar proposition with the King County leaders, (this part is hypothetical and did not happen) who happened to be my personal friends. I said, “what if there was a way for you to truly show what you believe, so that people don’t have mistaken beliefs about you and cult like aversion to you, would that be truly amazing? What if there is a way to lead individuals down education and idea conversion paths, to show someone the truth that they not have seen otherwise, and convert them from a path that would lead them to the fringes of your party, to seeing much more true path that produces liberty and prosperity better? 

The two women that led the King County party said, “That would be amazing…

I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

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I’ll explain the underlying principles. 

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